Global Xplorer 4x4 Motorhome testing in the Simpson Desert + some serious articulation testing

Tested in the harsh Australian Desert

If you want to sell something with confidence you need to test it !

So where is a place that is very remote, extremely challenging to reach, no other motorhome has ever been, and only a crazy person like me would take it?

Answer: Geosurveys Hill in the middle of the vast Simpson Desert.

That is a 1705km trip to Birdsville, and 155 Kms to Poepples Corner. It is then an arduous 160Km GPS trip, no roads, no tracks, North North West of Poeppel’s Corner. Just to really push the limits we are crossing the dune field the most challenging way – east to west !

Now that is a real test of a machine !

…and we decided this on Tuesday, By Thursday night the vehicle is loaded with 200Lts water, 200 Lts Fuel, 60 Lts fuel in jerry cans (just in case), food for 10 days, tools, and camping equipment etc, still the weight is just under 5,000Kg.

The Super Single wheels are shod with 37″ x 12.5 R17 Tyres and are set for on-road pressure of 45PSI  ( Cold ) or 50 PSI ( Hot )..

For the full story, tyre pressures, trip notes and fuel consumption of the incredible test of the Global Xplorer.

Follow the complete story here

crossing the Simpson Desert in luxury

No roads, no tracks just following the gps to a dot on the map


Suspension/Articulation Testing

Always looking for improvements we extreme test the articulation of our Global Xplorer, Fuso Trackmaster against a popular 4×4 and a Competition 4×4 Nissan Patrol.

Yes they are designed to do just this, and with ease.

A 79 Series LandCruiser with after market suspension and front & rear lockers has real issues.

The highly modified 4×4 competition vehicle, does it with ease but look at that suspension !