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Gaz Trackmaster – First review by Robber Popper

May 2021
Meet the Gaz Trackmaster, the newest entrant to the 4×4 touring market and one with a difference. Gaz is one of Russia’s largest carmakers, and has a long history of trucks and military vehicles such as tanks, hovercraft, half-tracks and amphibians. Today it focuses mostly on trucks, and one of those is the Sadko, a medium truck which was first released in 1997 and seen service with several militaries.
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Global Xplorer - 4x4 Motorhome Review

October 2021
Motorhome on the Madigan - Offroad independence with all the comforts of home sans the need to tow can seem unfeasible — but not if the base vehicle is a 4x4 truck. "It will stand out from the crowd" - Words and Pics by Gary Tischer
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AAV 4x4 Global Xplorer 2020 Review (By CarvanCampingSales)

September 2020
AAV 4x4 Global Xplorer 2020 Review (By CarvanCampingSales): Well-engineered, well-built and equipped with everything a couple might need for long-term off-grid remote area travel...
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AAV CANTER GLOBAL XPLORER (Motorhome) Review by RV Daily Magazine

April 2020
Why must you choose between off-road capability and camping comfort?
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4X4 Canter Trackmaster Review by UNSEALED 4X4

March 2020
2020 Australian Adventure Vehicles Canter Trackmaster Review
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4x4 Vehicles News, Events and Customer Reviews

Mark Jeffries took delivery of Global Xplorer

May 20, 2021

The amount of Global Explorers that have been going out the door is insane! Production is better than ever!

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What a tough tipper – Thomas Honnef

February 18, 2021

On very next day of Valentine’s day i.e. on 15th February, 2021 Thomas the owner of OceanView Estate Winery…

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New Offroad Vehicle is coming soon

February 16, 2021

Goodbye to 2020 and let’s start 2021 with all new off-road vehicle coming to Australia exclusively by AAV4X4.
<img class="alignnone…

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Another Global Xplorer released into the wild

April 28, 2020

Another Global Xplorer 2020 – 4×4 Motorhome by AAV 4X4.
David and Sheryl have plans to travel extensively around Australia….

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Great Yellow Camper fitted with 37’s

April 27, 2020

From an ex Fire truck is made this very neat camper.
Love the way the client has retained the yellow…

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Caravan & Outdoor Expo March 2020

February 24, 2020

Event Experience:
All set and ready to go.
The 3 days was extremely busy and perhaps one of our best…

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